Speech-to-speech translation

Authors: Ye Jia *, Ron J. Weiss *, Fadi Biadsy, Wolfgang Macherey, Melvin Johnson, Zhifeng Chen, Yonghui Wu. Abstract: We present an attention-based sequence-to-sequence neural network which can directly translate speech from one language into speech in another language, without relying on an intermediate text representation. The network is trained end-to-end, learning to map speech spectrograms into target spectrograms in another language, corresponding to the translated content (in a differe

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Date: 2019/04/15 23:16

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@katsuhitosudoh 音声はココ.けっこうまともに音出てるような気がする(個人の感想です) t.co/bAn1Ll4S6A Translatotronって名前はちょっと発音しづらいぜ...
@buyouyuhao Believe it or not, Google can now directly translating from speech to speech, without transcribing to text first. t.co/XwOdIZtVu1
@iandanforth Audio samples don't work yet for me, but presumably will in the near future - t.co/hCsj8YdNYY

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