Technical Papers Preview: SIGGRAPH 2019 - YouTube

Technical Papers Preview: SIGGRAPH 2019 - YouTube

The SIGGRAPH Technical Papers program is the premier international forum for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques...

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Date: 2019/05/09 02:18

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@designtrekker SIGGRAPHの動画。リアルな方向性のものは、もう何がでてきても驚かないほど耐性がついてしまったけど、手書き絵画的な処理はいまも驚きを隠せません。
@siggraph We have a little Thursday treat for you... the #SIGGRAPH2019 Technical Papers preview!! 😍 The only way to describe this? 💯 #CG #TechPapers #Research
@pixnblox Yet again, the @siggraph technical papers preview looks amazing... just spend the three minutes: Also, tearing of digital bread... will wonders never cease?
@olafurw Hey, Computer Graphic Engineers, what did the bunny ever do to you?
@topher_batty The SIGGRAPH 2019 Technical Papers Preview trailer is up, featuring my student Ryan Goldade's excellent work on fast octree-based viscous liquids:
@GurneyJourney This year's Siggraph preview video shows simulations of frosting and ferrofluids. Change the lighting in photos, graft an art style onto a video, and seamlessly change what a talking head is saying by editing a text transcript. #vfx #computergraphics

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