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GitHub - intel/rust-hypervisor-firmware

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Date: 2019/05/11 11:15

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@stephano If you're into @rustlang and interested in seeing more firmware written in Rust, check out what @intel is doing in the world of hypervisors. Who out there plays with firmware and containers, hmm let me think... @jessfraz 😁
@IntelOpenSource Early preview of a rust-based firmware project. Experimental, but external contributors are welcome! 🤠
@KuniSuzaki Simple KVM firmware systemdのThe Boot Loader Specificationに準拠 Firecrackerを使って開発。
@ArcVRArthur Simple Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) written in Rust. This will be great in production. I’ll post benchmark comparisons of this vs traditional QEMU/KVM.👌🏻

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