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Date: 2019/05/15 12:48

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@hardmaru An interactive article explaining why weight initialization is so important for training neural nets by @deeplearningai_, written in the format.
@mosko_mule ニューラルネットワークの初期化が学習をどう変えるのかを可視化した記事。初期化のパラメーターをいじったり、初期化手法をした際の内部状態や勾配の変化がわかって面白い。
@logesh_umapathi A very detailed explanation on why its recommended to initialize NN weights with Xavier initializer. Amazing interactive examples from @deeplearningai_
@abisen Importance of initializing weights properly for #neuralnets #deeplearning (nice visualization and explanation)
@iaml_it Something to read on the weekend: notes on the effective ways and importance to initialize weights in a neural network.

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