[1906.02715] Visualizing and Measuring the Geometry of BERT

Transformer architectures show significant promise for natural language processing. Given that a single pretrained model can be fine-tuned to perform well on many different tasks, these networks appear to extract generally useful linguistic features. A natural question is how such networks represent this information internally. This paper describes qualitative and quantitative investigations of one particularly effective model, BERT. At a high level, linguistic features seem to be represented in separate semantic and syntactic subspaces. We find evidence of a fine-grained geometric representation of word senses. We also present empirical descriptions of syntactic representations in both attention matrices and individual word embeddings, as well as a mathematical argument to explain the geometry of these representations.

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Keywords: bert
Date: 2019/06/09 03:48

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@wattenberg How does a neural net represent language? See the visualizations and geometry in this PAIR team paper https://t.co/55GO5lJtsl and blog post https://t.co/jsjwY4Dl4y https://t.co/ZkG81UBHcE
@viegasf Analyzing and visualizing syntax trees in the high-dimensional spaces of neural nets. Check out the new PAIR paper on BERT geometry https://t.co/SPryH5mqnB And the blog post on “Language, trees, and geometry in neural networks” https://t.co/6hMthb5QNL https://t.co/NhTYvhb8aV
@societyoftrees Nice geometrical explanation for the squared distance relation between parsed trees & euclidean contextual embeddings: https://t.co/dOBmepRaXX, building on https://t.co/Q8OlUVUMjC https://t.co/W4Cd5Nr1uS
@innatok Speaking about the mixture of physical and virtual reality. Great paper on the Word Embeddings vector distances vs Eucleadean (sq) ones #NLP #AI https://t.co/2zZWwJg1Lt
@dtsbourg More cool work investigating the linguistic features of BERT! --- "Visualizing and Measuring the Geometry of BERT" by @_coenen, Reif, Yuan et al. https://t.co/Yet0CAsv2C https://t.co/e4FJ0ao4zw
@wzuidema Jawahar, Sagot, Seddah What does BERT learn about the structure of language? ACL2019 https://t.co/ucLAOXS3Jh Coenen, Reif, Yuan, Kim, Pearce, Viégas, Wattenberg Visualizing and Measuring the Geometry of BERT https://t.co/9un6mZ8Q0J Blog: https://t.co/EU5lrQDv1N

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