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DeepCTR is a project that introduces classic CTR (Click Through Rate) prediction model and implements popular network designed for CTR prediction task. What’s more, we do a great number of experiments on open data and provide as benchmark. Dependency Introduction Traditional Models FM (Factorization Machines) FFM (Field-aware Factorization Machines) GBDT+LR Deep Models Overview FNN (Factorization-supported Neural Network) PNN (Product-based Neural Network) Wide & Deep DeepFM NFM (Neural FM) AFM (Attentional FM) DCN (Deep & Cross Network) DIN (Deep Interest Network) xDeepFM (eXtreme DeepFM) Benchmarks Contributors

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Date: 2019/06/11 11:16

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@masashi162 DeepCTRって、レコメンド業界の中ではどうなんだろうか? 個人的にはKerasライクに書けてすごい楽だし、xDeepFM とか最近のものまでカバーしてあるし使いやすいと思ったのだけど。