Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings, Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings ISBN: 9781681730639 | PDF ISBN: 9781681730646 Hardcover ISBN: 9781681735726 Copyright © 2019 | 132 Pages DOI: 10.2200/S00920ED2V01Y201904HLT042 Many institutions worldwide provide digital library access to Morgan & Claypool titles. You can check for personal access by clicking on the DOI link. Ordering Options: Print $59.95   E-book $47.96   Print & E-book Combo $74.94 Hardcover: $79.95 | Hardcover & E-book Combo: $99.94 Purchasing Options: Paperback E-book Paperback & E-book Combo Hardcover Hardcover & E-book Combo Add to Cart The majority of natural language processing (NLP) is English language processing, and while there is good language technology support for (standard varieties of) English, support for Albanian, Burmese, or Cebuano (and most other languages) remains limited. Being able to bridge this digital divide is important for scientific and democratic reasons but also represents an enormous growth potential. A key challenge for this ...

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@seb_ruder I'm super happy that our book on Cross-lingual Word Embeddings with Anders Søgaard, @licwu, & @manaalfar is now available @MorganClaypool. Cross-lingual representations are a fascinating area—this should be a good primer on the topic.
@odbmsorg #Book @MorganClaypool Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings Anders Sogaard, University of Copenhagen Ivan Vulic, University of Cambridge Sebastian Ruder, DeepMind Manaal Faruqui, Google Assistant

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