A new way to assess AI bias in object-recognition systems

Facebook AI researchers have published the first systematic study that measures the accuracy of object-recognition systems for different communities...

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Date: 2019/06/11 21:48

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@soumithchintala Object Detection systems (commercial and academic) are trained on biased data This disproportionally affects accuracy in lower-income households and continents like Africa & Asia. Work by my colleagues at FAIR using the Dollar Street dataset from GapMinder https://t.co/gdm7Ar9f4l https://t.co/vmtkh3i4eo
@ylecun Nice new work from FAIR on assessing bias in datasets. Turns out image recognition systems will recognize everyday objects more reliably if the picture was shot in developed countries than... https://t.co/Nq2ErHND15
@MIT_CSAIL New study shows that object-detection systems are less accurate in lower-income households and on continents like Africa and Asia. https://t.co/nt672aJIHA (v/@facebookai) #ML #machinelearning #BiasInAI https://t.co/l8agwhZQhd