How to Deploy Machine Learning Models

The deployment of machine learning models is the process for making your models available in production environments, where they can provide predictions to other software systems. It is only once models are deployed to production that they start adding value, making deployment a crucial step. However, there is complexity in the deployment of machine learning models. This post aims to at the very least make you aware of where this complexity comes from, and I’m also hoping it will provide you with useful tools and heuristics to combat this complexity. If it’s code, step-by-step tutorials and example projects you are looking for, you might be interested in the Udemy Course “Deployment of Machine Learning Models”. This post is not aimed at beginners, but don’t worry. You should be able to follow along if you are prepared to follow the various links. Let’s dive in… Machine learning systems have all the challenges of traditional code, plus an additional set of machine learning-specific iss...

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Date: 2019/06/13 05:16

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@icoxfog417 機械学習モデルを継続的に運用するためのパイプラインについて、構築のポイントがまとめられた記事。再現性の担保やデプロイの自動化、拡張性/モジュラビリティ、またテストといった点が挙げられており、各点について参考になるリソース/ツールが紹介されている。
@chezou Good article. Wanna have a credit for this architecture summarization table seems to be referred from my slide to Deploy Machine Learning Models
@Exxactcorp A quick introduction on how to deploy #MachineLearning models:

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