aleatoric - testing statistical software

Do you want some uncertainty with that?

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Date: 2019/06/13 05:16

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@alexpghayes new blog post: testing 🧪statistical software 💻 -- how to write and read tests for modeling software, with a focus on #rstats 📦 packages repost since i forgot the link the first time
@icoxfog417 機械学習など、確率的な挙動を行うモジュールについてどうテストするかを解説した記事。個々の計算の正しさチェック、シナリオベースのテスト、収束の確認、入力の摂動に対する安定性のチェックといった点が挙げられている。
@cantabile Cube and I citing @alexpghayes. I think what he's done with broom:: is incredible; demonstrating that collaboration is the heart of science. Cube is very impressed that we're friends. Love doing research and getting better at coding at the same time. 🥐
@cantabile Couldn't stop thinking about this conversation I had with @alexpghayes sparked by a modelling 📦without tests, about trust in modelling. So Cube and I asked him for a quote - Blog post! We get to learn really cool shit *and* get a quote, @tslumley. 🥐
@St_Hakky 確率的なソフトのテストについての記事。後でまたじっくり見たい

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