Shiry Ginosar* Amir Bar* Gefen Kohavi Caroline Chan Andrew Owens Jitendra Malik In CVPR 2019 [Code] [Data] Speech audio-to-gesture translation. From the bottom upward: the input audio, predicted arm and hand motion, and synthesized video frames. Abstract Human speech is often accompanied by hand and arm gestures. Given audio speech input, we generate plausible gestures to go along with the sound. Specifically, we perform cross-modal translation from "in-the-wild" monologue speech of

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Date: 2019/06/13 09:48

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@_amirbar (2/2) We also release our full dataset and will make the code available. Joint work with with @shiryginosar, Gefen Kohavi, Caroline Chan, Andrew Ownes and Jitendra Malik. For more details see project page: https://t.co/oH0mca7B3x. @berkeley_ai @ZebraMedVision

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