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Date: 2019/06/14 14:17

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@saiphcita Come to the talk of my PhD student @saviaga at CVPR in CV4GC. She'll present our data analysis of how citizens in Latin America produce computational propaganda & how we can use these findings to create computer vision systems to fight propaganda #CVPR2019
@skamalas The @CVPR Computer Vision for Global Challenges (CV4GC @cv4_gc) workshop program is now online: @ermonste @mariadearteaga @timnitGebru @emwebaze
@HamedAlemo I'll be presenting @cv4_gc workshop @ #CVPR2019 tomorrow. Stop by to learn about road detection from high resolution satellite imagery using transfer learning & the need for diverse training datasets to address #SDGs. This is joint work with @YoniNachmany
@skamalas @ylecun Thanks Yann, hope to see you all at the @cv4_gc Workshop on Sunday- here’s the amazing program:

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