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Keywords: mlops
Date: 2019/07/03 03:48

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@AxSaucedo At #Kubecon Shanghai 2019 we presented the state of production #machinelearning, showcasing @Seldon_io + @Kubeflow examples, including an #NLP pipeline, tabular explainers and @PyTorch hub integrations - check out the slides at
@AxSaucedo You can find my #EuroPython slides on "The State of Production Machine Learning" at Thanks to everyone for joining - incredibly insightful questions! If there's any library you don't see listed please feel free to add it to the list
@EthicalML During Kubecon Shanghai 2019 we presented a high level overview of the themes that are growingly becoming critical in the world of production machine learning, together with hands on examples, such as NLP pipelines, tabular explainers and pytorchhub.

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