Learning to Interactively Learn and Assist

By meta-training with a human surrogate agent, the agent learns to learn from interaction with a human.

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Date: 2019/07/06 03:48

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@chelseabfinn How should robots learn from humans? While most use rewards or demos, we study how we might have agents learn tasks via interaction with humans. Try for yourself here! https://t.co/27t5QvSamp w/ Mark Woodward, @hausman_k Arxiv version: https://t.co/o8kjAGm8c7
@hausman_k How do you convey your objectives to a robot-assistant that doesn't speak your language? You can communicate via interaction! https://t.co/RK1QUgY5eS - check out an interactive game to test our approach! Joint work w/ Mark Woodward and @chelseabfinn