Applied NLP: Lessons from the Field • Peter Baumgartner

These are the main points and resources for my talk, Applied NLP: Lessons from the Field, delivered at spaCy IRL 2019. Summary Natural Language Processing projects often fail in their conception, in their delivery, or in their impact. To identify good candidate problems for NLP, talk to the client presenting you with a problem and first discuss how you would solve the problem without NLP. To successfully deliver an NLP project, acknowledge that project management is a skill and learn how to do it well: communicate the uncertainty you face and come up with metaphors to explain your work to non-technical stakeholders.

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Keywords: nlp
Date: 2019/07/06 06:00

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@pmbaumgartner Resources from my talk on Applied NLP Lessons at #spaCyIRL. Thanks to everyone who attended!
@jochenleidner Enjoyed mapping the partner types to real people I worked with...
@anja_pilz Lots of fun, truth & gold in this: Applied #NLProc - Lessons from the Field by @pmbaumgartner 😍 #spaCyIRL

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