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Across every MLPerf category, NVIDIA demonstrated world-class performance and versatility, setting eight records in training performance.

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Date: 2019/07/10 17:00

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@ctnzr MLPerf 0.6 is out! Training speed on a single DGX-2 improved up to 1.8X over 7 months ago, and scaling efficiency to many nodes is markedly better. The V100 GPU, 2 years after intro, is still the fastest and most general processor for deep learning. https://t.co/mEDGgBGiIJ
@marcosalvi ML workloads performance is improving at a staggering rate. https://t.co/9HhxmOXkc5 https://t.co/7v667MpeHW
@HPC_Guru .@NVIDIA Breaks Eight #AI Performance Records - MLPerf 0.6 https://t.co/Zz0DpHov7l https://t.co/Rom0G7BtLb