Announcing the Obstacle Tower Challenge winners and open source release – Unity Blog

After six months of competition (and a few last-minute submissions), we are happy to announce the conclusion and winners of the Obstacle Tower Challenge. W...

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Date: 2019/08/07 23:17

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@unity3d Earlier this year we launched the Obstacle Tower Challenge as a way to help foster research in the #AI community. Today we're excited to announce the winners and the release of the Obstacle Tower source code! 👏 #ML
@awjuliani We announced the winners of the Obstacle Tower Challenge today! Congrats to @unixpickle on 1st place, and to the other top participants as well. To celebrate, we put together a blog where each of the top contestants provided some insight into their entries
@danny_lange After months of competition, we have named the winners for the Obstacle Tower Challenge, a contest aimed at advancing AI through gameplay. The distinguished winners are @unixpickle ; the Compscience team; and Songbing Choi. #AI #unity3d @unity3d

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