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Since Jan. 2019, I have started leading a team at Tencent AI Lab and working on a new system GNES (Generic Neural Elastic Search). GNES is an open-sou ... · Han Xiao

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Date: 2019/08/08 09:47

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@seb_ruder Cool post by @hxiao, author of bert-as-a-service that highlights the increasing focus on pretrained models and end-to-end applications. It also describes a generic IR system that can scale to an arbitrary number of encoders.
@hxiao Check out my new blog post about building a Generic Neural Elastic Search system, moving from bert-as-service to a much more a generalized and elastic solution. @TDataScience @kdnuggets @TFBestPractices @icoxfog417
@icoxfog417 開発しているのはTencent AI Labのよう。今後の発展にも期待が持てそう。

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