Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon: Welcome to the Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon! #PTSH19 - Devpost

Welcome to the Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon! #PTSH19

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Date: 2019/08/09 12:48

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@PyTorch The Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon is here! Calling developers and researchers to hack together packages, demos and applications on top of PyTorch and submit online. We'll help you reach the community, amplify your vision and have $60K in prizes! #PTSH19
@ptrblck_de The Global @PyTorch Summer Hackathon is starting soon! (Aug 9 – Sep 16, 2019) Register here:
@yutakashino Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon PyTorchのハッカソン.お題はPyTorchを使ったビジネスソリューション.期間は5週間以上.さすが.きちんとした開発をするにはこれくらい時間が必要です.1日とか数日とかのハッカソンはただの馴れ合いと開発ごっこに過ぎませんから.

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