Dual Learning Tutorial

IJCAI 2019 Tutorial on Dual Learning for Machine Learning Macao, China August 10th, 2019 Speakers Tao QinMSRA Yingce XiaMSRA Abstract Many AI tasks are emerged in dual forms, e.g., English-to-French translation vs. French-to-English translation, speech recognition vs. speech synthesis, question answering vs. question generation, and image classification vs. image generation. While structural duality is common in AI, most learning algorithms have not exploited it in learning/inference. Du

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Date: 2019/08/10 12:54

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@Rigeru12345 t.co/YbCkjddZvf IJCAI19のdual learningのチュートリアル(スライドDL可) 聞いてて思ったけどNLP/Image系の精度改善タスク(特に生成)はRLとかGANの知識が必須になりつつある…

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