New advances in natural language processing to better connect people

Recently, Facebook AI has advanced state-of-the-art results in key language understanding tasks and also launched a new benchmark to push AI systems further

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Date: 2019/08/15 08:16

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@ylecun A nice blog post explaining recent progress in NLP and translation and some Facebook AI's contributions. BERT, RoBERTa, backtranslation, GLUE, SuperGLUE, WMT explained....
@facebookai We’re detailing our recent #NLP breakthroughs: surpassed existing benchmarks on key tasks; led the #WMT2019 competition ranking higher than humans, per organizers; & partnered with @nyuniversity, @uw & @deepmindAI on SuperGLUE, a new harder benchmark:
@gijigae . @facebookai から最新の自然言語処理(Natural Language Processing、NLP)に関する報告書。ニューヨーク大学や@DeepMindAI、そしてワシントン大学と力を合わせて進めているのも素晴らしい。来年にはSuperGLUEでも人間に勝つと思う。
@RitikaTrikha Deep learning–based methods have accelerated #NLP progress, but current systems are still limited when it comes to tasks for which large volumes of labeled training data are not readily available. @facebookai has recently achieved key #NLP breakthroughs:
@revolunet Amazing how Google and FB collaborate in the open to push forward the NLP/NLU state of the art. When competition drives open-source innovation, everybody wins #NoPatents
@PostPCEra @rbhar90 Advances in NLP , "virtual robot agents in 3D environments" etc.. will replace all fast food chain workers in 7 to 10 years with just these ANI models socio-economic implications BERT NLP advances Habitat
@tbsmartens New advances in natural language processing to better connect people Natural language understanding (NLU) and language translation are key to a range of important applications, including identifying and removing harmful content at scale and connecting pe…

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