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Machine learning shirts made using images generated by machine learning models. Outerwear fashion fuelled by the internet. Outernet // Interwear.

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Date: 2019/08/16 00:48

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@korymath @hardmaru @GoAbiAryan @nickfrosst @goodfellow_ian Alright... draft one is up The first piece (The "5") from the first collection (Otoro MNIST) is now available. Discount code "otoro" 👕👕🖥️🖥️👕👕 - #mlshirt dm with inspiration for the next piece/collection h/t @Keyfermath
@korymath @mark_riedl @GoAbiAryan @hardmaru @nickfrosst @goodfellow_ian @Keyfermath Love the idea. Perhaps you want to debut your next design for an collection?

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