BEA 2019 Shared Task: Grammatical Error Correction

Grammatical error correction (GEC) is the task of automatically correcting grammatical errors in text; e.g. [I follows his advices -> I followed his advice]. It can be used to not only help language learners improve their writing skills, but also alert native speakers to accidental mistakes or typos. GEC gained significant attention in the Helping Our Own (HOO) and Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL) shared tasks between 2011 and 2014 (Dale and Kilgarriff, 2011; Dale et al., 2012; N

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Date: 2019/08/24 05:17

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@chemical_tree (ちなみに補足すると)BEA 19 Shared Taskのデータセットでの公式の最高精度はマイクロソフトのF0.5: 69.47で、それを理研AIP・東北大システムが超えたという話です。

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