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@icoxfog417 PyTorchで強化学習アルゴリズムを実装するためのライブラリ。主要なアルゴリズムが提供されているほか、それらをモジュールとして新しい実装を行うこともできる。
@ml_review Rlpyt – Modular, Optimized Deep RL Algorithms in PyTorch – Policy Gradient – Replay Buffers – Deep Q-Learning DQN – Q-Function Policy Gradient Github ArXiv
@maxjaderberg New reinforcement learning library rlpyt in pytorch thanks to Adam Stooke from @berkeley_ai (and previously intern with me at @DeepMindAI). There are a whole suite of RL algorithms implemented and framework for small and medium scale distributed training.
@zdepablo rlpyt (via @Pocket) - a deep reinforcement learning research toolkit with pytorch cc ⁦@rmaestrem
@amArunava rlypt: A Research Codebase for Reinforcement Learning in @PyTorch Paper: Github: Adam and @pabbeel Thanks for this. #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #AI

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