[1905.09755] Misspelling Oblivious Word Embeddings

In this paper we present a method to learn word embeddings that are resilient to misspellings. Existing word embeddings have limited applicability to malformed texts, which contain a non-negligible amount of out-of-vocabulary words. We propose a method combining FastText with subwords and a supervised task of learning misspelling patterns. In our method, misspellings of each word are embedded close to their correct variants. We train these embeddings on a new dataset we are releasing publicly. Finally, we experimentally show the advantages of this approach on both intrinsic and extrinsic NLP tasks using public test sets.

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Keywords: embedding
Date: 2019/09/10 02:17

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@icoxfog417 誤字脱字に強い分散表現の提案。fastTextをベースにして、ミススペルの単語と本物の単語の分散表現を近づけるLossの項を導入している。 t.co/flJfVDnYNd

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