[1909.01218] Translating Visual Art into Music

The Synesthetic Variational Autoencoder (SynVAE) introduced in this research is able to learn a consistent mapping between visual and auditive sensory modalities in the absence of paired datasets. A quantitative evaluation on MNIST as well as the Behance Artistic Media dataset (BAM) shows that SynVAE is capable of retaining sufficient information content during the translation while maintaining cross-modal latent space consistency. In a qualitative evaluation trial, human evaluators were furthermore able to match musical samples with the images which generated them with accuracies of up to 73%.

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Date: 2019/09/10 11:17

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@hardmaru Translating Visual Art into Music Synesthetic Variational Autoencoder purposed to learn a mapping between visual and auditive sensory modalities without paired datasets. Synesthesia is a condition in which hearing is simultaneously perceived as sight. t.co/EYU2C5enJq t.co/MztcbHifUa

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