[1909.03402] Squeeze-and-Attention Networks for Semantic Segmentation

Squeeze-and-excitation (SE) module enhances the representational power of convolution layers by adaptively re-calibrating channel-wise feature responses. However, the limitation of SE in terms of attention characterization lies in the loss of spatial information cues, making it less well suited for perception tasks with very high spatial inter-dependencies such as semantic segmentation. In this paper, we propose a novel squeeze-and-attention network (SANet) architecture that leverages a simple but effective squeeze-and-attention (SA) module to account for two distinctive characteristics of segmentation: i) pixel-group attention, and ii) pixel-wise prediction. Specifically, the proposed SA modules impose pixel-group attention on conventional convolution by introducing an 'attention' convolutional channel, thus taking into account spatial-channel inter-dependencies in an efficient manner. The final segmentation results are produced by merging outputs from four hierarchical stages of a SA

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Date: 2019/09/11 03:48

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