Deep Learning for Network Biology

ISMB 2018 Tutorial Deep Learning for Network Biology Networks are ubiquitous in biology where they encode connectivity patterns at all scales of organization, from molecular to the biome. This tutorial investigates key advancements in representation learning for networks over the last few years, with an emphasis on fundamentally new opportunities in network biology enabled by these advancements. Biological networks are powerful resources for the discovery of interactions and emergent properti

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Keywords: deep learning
Date: 2019/10/08 08:18

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@shion_honda Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2018でStanford大学のLeskovicらが行ったチュートリアル「Deep Learning for Network Biology」の資料を見つけました。 PPI、Drug repurposing、遺伝子機能予測、Human Disease NetworkなどへのGNNの応用が扱われています。

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