[1308.0850] Generating Sequences With Recurrent Neural Networks

This paper shows how Long Short-term Memory recurrent neural networks can be used to generate complex sequences with long-range structure, simply by predicting one data point at a time. The approach is demonstrated for text (where the data are discrete) and online handwriting (where the data are real-valued). It is then extended to handwriting synthesis by allowing the network to condition its predictions on a text sequence. The resulting system is able to generate highly realistic cursive handwriting in a wide variety of styles.

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Date: 2019/10/23 11:18

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@Ronmemo1 ABST100メモ:78 RMSpropGraves(2013)→t.co/JzIlWpoz3q ,LSTMによる手書き合成に利用されるもの

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