[1911.01429] The frontier of simulation-based inference

Many domains of science have developed complex simulations to describe phenomena of interest. While these simulations provide high-fidelity models, they are poorly suited for inference and lead to challenging inverse problems. We review the rapidly developing field of simulation-based inference and identify the forces giving new momentum to the field. Finally, we describe how the frontier is expanding so that a broad audience can appreciate the profound change these developments may have on science.

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Date: 2019/11/06 17:20

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@KyleCranmer In our newest paper we discuss the frontier of simulation-based inference (aka likelihood-free inference) for a broad audience. We identify three main forces driving the frontier including: #ML, active learning, and integration of autodiff and probprog. t.co/R6vMUAnaul t.co/ZOmCWcNSCl