[1911.02050] Satellite Pose Estimation Challenge: Dataset, Competition Design and Results

Reliable pose estimation of uncooperative satellites is a key technology for enabling future on-orbit servicing and debris removal missions. The Kelvins Satellite Pose Estimation Challenge aims at evaluating and comparing monocular vision-based approaches and pushing the state-of-the-art on this problem. This work is based on the Satellite Pose Estimation Dataset, the first publicly available machine learning set of synthetic and real spacecraft imagery. The choice of dataset reflects one of the unique challenges associated with spaceborne computer vision tasks, namely the lack of spaceborne images to train and validate the developed algorithms. This work briefly reviews the basic properties and the collection process of the dataset which was made publicly available. The competition design, including the definition of performance metrics and the adopted testbed, is also discussed. Furthermore, the submissions of the 48 participants are analyzed to compare the performance of their appro

Date: 2019/11/07 03:50

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