[1911.01562] DeepRacer: Educational Autonomous Racing Platform for Experimentation with Sim2Real Reinforcement Learning

DeepRacer is a platform for end-to-end experimentation with RL and can be used to systematically investigate the key challenges in developing intelligent control systems. Using the platform, we demonstrate how a 1/18th scale car can learn to drive autonomously using RL with a monocular camera. It is trained in simulation with no additional tuning in physical world and demonstrates: 1) formulation and solution of a robust reinforcement learning algorithm, 2) narrowing the reality gap through joint perception and dynamics, 3) distributed on-demand compute architecture for training optimal policies, and 4) a robust evaluation method to identify when to stop training. It is the first successful large-scale deployment of deep reinforcement learning on a robotic control agent that uses only raw camera images as observations and a model-free learning method to perform robust path planning. We open source our code and video demo on GitHub: https://git.io/fjxoJ.

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Date: 2019/11/07 08:20

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@hardmaru DeepRacer is a sim2real RL platform that integrates SOTA Deep RL algorithms, simulation engines with OpenAI Gym interface, distributed rollouts with domain randomization. They trained a 1/18th scale car that navigates a race track using the platform. t.co/Vbu3H9OSGR t.co/IVxZypQ7FL
@leopd Anybody who wants to dive into DeepRacer's technical details can now read t.co/mwXS79UoaU A year ago, getting this ready to launch, was one of those amazing hard-working stressful-but-worth-it events I'll never forget. I'm humbled to have been part of such a great team.
@c_steigleder Want to build self-driving cars without needing real cars? Try Amazon's "DeepRacer" robot: 1:18th scale robot car gives developers an easy way to prototype self-driving car technology t.co/wQVWVLJNLF

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