ml5.js: Train Your Own Neural Network - YouTube

ml5.js: Train Your Own Neural Network - YouTube

This video covers how to train a neural network machine learning model with real-time interactive data in ml5.js. The example demonstrated uses the mouse as ...

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Date: 2019/11/22 17:20

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@thecodingtrain Learn how to train your own neural network with real time data in @ml5js in our newest video! 🎥
@shiffman Inspired by wekinator and the work of @RebeccaFiebrink, here is my first tutorial on using @ml5js to train a machine learning model with data generated through user interaction. Huge thanks to @leejoeyk for the efforts on ml5.neuralNetwork(). More to come!
@paulportesi Great little 30 minute video on intro to neural networks with accompanying coding.

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