Pieter Abbeel - Towards AI for the Physical World - YouTube

Pieter Abbeel - Towards AI for the Physical World - YouTube

Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence A Conference by Creative Destruction Lab at the Rotman School of Management on October 24, 2019 #MKT4INTEL T...

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Date: 2019/12/01 15:51

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@kangpandabear Really insightful, digestible talk on the current state of AI in physical systems from ⁦@pabbeel⁩ Significant progress has been made, but we still need to find more practical approaches to dealing with highly dynamic, long tail edge cases t.co/TW2nAEftqI
@rao2z Thanks, @pabbeel, for a candid assessment of the promise *and* limitations of current #AI technology! Introspective talks like these, from actual practitioners (as against armchair professional curmudgeons), are critical to the health of the field IMHO. t.co/2xQnC6qo3y t.co/UkjeauFp4p
@GaryMarcus new, improved link (with slides!) for excellent, realistic @pabbeel talk on robots and deep learning that I mentioned in my @gradientpub essay: Towards AI for the Physical World t.co/Sw13nNzIk1 via @YouTube
@gkossakowski Level-headed talk by @pabbeel on deep reinforcement learning and why it didn't deliver real value in the real world just yet t.co/PMLNrauCkb "Real world: highly variable with a long-tail of events/categories. Scaling 1000-categories ImageNet model will not get you there"

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