[1911.12436] AR-Net: A simple Auto-Regressive Neural Network for time-series

In this paper we present a new framework for time-series modeling that combines the best of traditional statistical models and neural networks. We focus on time-series with long-range dependencies, needed for monitoring fine granularity data (e.g. minutes, seconds, milliseconds), prevalent in operational use-cases. Traditional models, such as auto-regression fitted with least squares (Classic-AR) can model time-series with a concise and interpretable model. When dealing with long-range dependencies, Classic-AR models can become intractably slow to fit for large data. Recently, sequence-to-sequence models, such as Recurrent Neural Networks, which were originally intended for natural language processing, have become popular for time-series. However, they can be overly complex for typical time-series data and lack interpretability. A scalable and interpretable model is needed to bridge the statistical and deep learning-based approaches. As a first step towards this goal, we propose mo

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Date: 2019/12/03 09:50

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@unsorsodicorda Interesting work by @facebookai on interpretable and scalable autoregressive models for time series based on feedforward neural networks. Sometimes simplicity is all you need 🙂 t.co/8MVkbKuglM
@meta_takoroy 伝統的なARモデルと同様の解釈可能性をもたせつつ、長期の依存関係もモデル化できるようにする、深層学習モデルの検討。FacebookとStanford。 / t.co/Ixdz0lGmZ8

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