BlackboxNLP 2020 Shared Mission Survey

BlackboxNLP 2020 Shared Mission Survey

This year, BlackboxNLP is going to offer a shared interpretation mission (less well-defined than “task”) challenging participants to offer creative and effective analyses of deep models. We would like to get your opinion on the design and content of the shared mission. Please provide your feedback below by January 21. Thanks! - Afra, Yonatan, Grzegorz, Dieuwke, Yuval, Hassan

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Date: 2020/01/14 17:21

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@yuvalpi ~°~SURVEY TIME~°~ For #BlackboxNLP at #EMNLP2020, we're planning a shared interpretation mission. It's less quantifiable than a task - we want teams to offer *meaningful* analysis of complex models. Help us decide our focus by filling in this short survey:
@boknilev Please help us shape the shared interpretation mission of the next #BlackboxNLP at #emnlp2020 by filling out this survey:

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