Predicting the Physical Dynamics of Unseen 3D Objects

Machines that can predict the effect of physical interactions on the dynamics of previously unseen object instances are important for creating better robots and interactive virtual worlds. In this work, we focus on predicting the dynamics of 3D objects on a plane that have just been subjected to an impulsive force. In particular, we predict the changes in state---3D position, rotation, velocities, and stability. Different from previous work, our approach can generalize dynamics predictions to object shapes and initial conditions that were unseen during training. Our method takes the 3D object's shape as a point cloud and its initial linear and angular velocities as input. We extract shape features and use a recurrent neural network to predict the full change in state at each time step. Our model can support training with data from both a physics engine or the real world. Experiments show that we can accurately predict the changes in state for unseen object geometries and initial condit

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Date: 2020/01/15 03:50

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@drsrinathsridha In this upcoming WACV paper led by @davrempe, we show that neural networks can learn to predict the physical dynamics of previously unseen objects. @wacv2020
@drsrinathsridha Although we do the analysis in simulation, there are real-world examples as well. Checkout the project website for code and datasets coming soon.

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