Autonomous Dog Training with Companion — The TensorFlow Blog

Autonomous Dog Training with Companion — The TensorFlow Blog

p January 15, 2020 — Guest post by Michael Wang and Noemie Guerin from Companion IntroductionIn this post, I will share how we developed systems to understand dog behavior and influence it through training, and our journey to miniaturizing our computing to fit in a B2B dog training product. Improving our Pets’ Lives with TechnologyToday’s technology has the potential to i

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Date: 2020/01/15 21:51

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@martinvars As someone who has had many dogs in my life, I loved the idea that we could train dogs using robotics and AI! Happy to have invested in Companion!
@betterdanthis googledevs: 🥳BLOG PARTY🥳 🐶Train with TF: 🎮Indie Games: 🎧AI Music: 🕹️Game Tips: ⏭️NEXT:
@BenjaminTseng Excited to be able to talk about the great work that @companionlabs [a company I advise] is doing using AI to help humans better understand and train their pets, including some amazing work with @sfspca to help enrich the lives of shelter animals!
@gravity_link "We found that Google’s EdgeTPU specifically allowed us to take our mobile Computer Vision models and run them up to 4 times faster than on previous systems." #ComputerVision #TensorFlow

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