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The search for a material platform for topological quantum computation has recently focused on unconventional superconductors. Such material systems, where the superconducting order parameter breaks a symmetry of the crystal point group, are capable of hosting novel phenomena, including emergent Majorana quasiparticles. Unique among unconventional superconductors is the recently discovered UTe2, where spin-triplet superconductivity emerges from a paramagnetic normal state. Although UTe2 could be considered a relative of a family of known ferromagnetic superconductors, the unique crystal structure of this material and experimentally suggested zero Curie temperature pose a great challenge to determining the symmetries, magnetism, and topology underlying the superconducting state. These emergent properties will determine the utility of UTe2 for future spintronics and quantum information applications. Here, we report observations of a non-zero polar Kerr effect and of two transitions in th

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Date: 2020/02/10 12:54

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