WO2016186826A1 - Rotating data for neural network computations - Google Patents

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for computing a layer output for a convolutional neural network layer, the method comprising: receiving a plurality of activation inputs; forming a plurality of vector inputs from the plurality of activation inputs, each vector input comprising values from a distinct region within the multi-dimensional matrix; sending the plurality of vector inputs to one or more cells along a first dimension of the systolic array; generating a plurality of rotated kernel structures from each of the plurality of kernel; sending each kernel structure and each rotated kernel structure to one or more cells along a second dimension of the systolic array; causing the systolic array to generate an accumulated output based on the plurality of value inputs and the plurality of kernels; and generating the layer output from the accumulated output.

Date: 2020/02/10 15:01

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