[1608.06048] Survey of resampling techniques for improving classification performance in unbalanced datasetscontact arXivarXiv Twitter

A number of classification problems need to deal with data imbalance between classes. Often it is desired to have a high recall on the minority class while maintaining a high precision on the majority class. In this paper, we review a number of resampling techniques proposed in literature to handle unbalanced datasets and study their effect on classification performance.

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Date: 2020/02/14 03:51

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@Hironsan13 よく使われているオーバー/アンダーサンプリング手法を適用することで、データの分布がどのように変化し、分類性能にどのくらいの影響を与えるか直感的に理解するのに良い資料。アルゴリズムの説明はあっさりなので、足りない部分は元論文を読んで理解を深める必要あり。 t.co/eEjFvCvTJB t.co/fGe2Pd7PbL

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