Impact Challenge – Google AI

Impact Challenge – Google AI

Lebanon Millions of people in the Middle East and Africa depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Irrigation is critical to agricultural production in these arid regions, but groundwater resources are being depleted due to agricultural expansion and inefficient irrigation practices. Applying ML to weather and remotely-sensed agricultural data, this team will save water and enhance food production by providing farmers with irrigation schedules that include the precise amount of water needed t

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Date: 2020/02/14 03:51

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@sundarpichai A big welcome to the winning teams of our @GoogleAI Impact Challenge visiting the Bay Area this week! Really inspiring to learn about how they're using AI for social good, addressing issues in health, education, accessibility, the environment and more.
@MeAndVan PRESENTATION IMMINENT 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩 so excited. What a crowd! So proud to be alongside all these amazing projects.
@brenthoberman Well worth a look through @Google grant winners #ai for social impact Refugees/fact checking/child protection.... Congrats to the winners
@dqpdang Working with the #GoogleAI Impact Challenge grantees was eye-opening and exposed my own biases: 1️⃣ I saw how limited my B2C product experience is—solving for a user, who most likely bought it, uses it, benefits from it. Whereas social impact orgs 1/4

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