Growing Neural Cellular Automata

Growing Neural Cellular Automata

Training an end-to-end differentiable, self-organising cellular automata model of morphogenesis, able to both grow and regenerate specific patterns.

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Date: 2020/02/20 14:20

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@hardmaru Growing Neural Cellular Automata: A Differentiable Model of Morphogenesis New post by @zzznah et al.! “Imagine if we could design systems of the same plasticity & robustness as biological life: structures & machines that could grow & repair themselves.”
@fchollet This is really interesting: learning to generate cellular automata that yield specific patterns
@sina_lana Honestly I've never seen a better format for a computer science paper. Not the 1st time I click a distill. pub link, but holy molly I've never a platform and a paper complement each other so well. Beautiful inteactivity Growing Neural Cellular Automata
@Reza_Zadeh A differentiable model of Morphogenesis: learning to grow fractals in the same form of a creative, much the same way every living body has evolved to robustly build their own body.
@sirajraval This brought a tear to my eye, it's that well-designed. "We decided to see how far one can push the performance of this interactive playground. We reimplemented all operations from scratch using the WebGL API and GLSL shader language" So Boss!
@alteredq Growing monster ladybugs with differentiable morphogenesis using neural cellular automata. Great interactive paper by @zzznah, @RandazzoEttore, @eyvindn & @drmichaellevin : (runs well also on the phone) #tensorflow #webgl
@zzznah Our article on Growing Neural Cellular Automata is LIVE!!! Thanks @RandazzoEttore @eyvindn @drmichaellevin @blaiseaguera @ch402 and many others!
@anderssandberg Growing Neural Cellular Automata using a Differentiable Model of Morphogenesis is awesome. It can also generate hilariously disturbing "failures of friendliness"
@redblobgames Play with the demo and read the article here!

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