Learning to read with TensorFlow and Keras (TF Dev Summit '20) - YouTube

Learning to read with TensorFlow and Keras (TF Dev Summit '20) - YouTube

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has hit an inflection point, and this talk shows you how TensorFlow and Keras make it easy to preprocess, train, and hypert...

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Date: 2020/03/14 18:51

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@fchollet If you're looking for a video that's not about COVID-19, check out this one by Paige and Karmel about text processing in TF / Keras t.co/vIzYdCG569
@DynamicWebPaige ✨🙌 Very honored to deliver this talk today at the #TFDevSummit (authored by @karmel_a and @yashk2810!). Learn all about teaching neural networks to read with #Keras; text preprocessing layers; #KerasTuner; and @TensorFlow below. 👇 t.co/JWAfq9myHC #NLP #DeepLearning
@TFUGKol Check the whole session "Read with TF and Keras" here: t.co/lu3RkdTDZs. If you want to talk more about NLP and Machine Learning as a whole, join us. "Training" and "testing" is the key to learning. Someday using #NLP we might teach machines to understand manuscripts.
@s_scardapane **Learning to read with TensorFlow and Keras** 2/x Pretty neat trick from TF 2.x to define a custom training step for a Keras model, and then leverage all high-end utilities from .fit(). 👌 Link to video: t.co/OFY9fBrXB1 t.co/DLqDAXKGBj

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