Generating music in the waveform domain – Sander Dieleman

This is a write-up of a presentation on generating music in the waveform domain, which was part of a tutorial that I co-presented at ISMIR 2019 earlier this month.

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Date: 2020/03/24 14:21

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@sedielem New blog post: 'Generating music in the waveform domain' A comprehensive overview of the field and some personal thoughts, based on a tutorial I gave at @ismir2019 with @jordiponsdotme and Jongpil Lee back in November. Comments / feedback welcome!
@reaktorplayer Generating Music in the Waveform Domain (Sander Dieleman) :
@cartalop Generative models + music generation: Since my synth is stuck on repair somewhere, this looks like a fun alternative. #synth #DeepLearning
@ibab_ml Amazingly thorough article on audio generation by @sedielem. A must read if you're interested in generating audio with neural networks!

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