Using AI to translate "Wash your hands" into 500+ languages — Data Dan - AI Classroom

Using AI to translate "Wash your hands" into 500+ languages  — Data Dan - AI Classroom

Using unsupervised methods and cross-lingual word embeddings to translate “wash your hands” into 510 languages not currently supported in any public translation platform.

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Date: 2020/03/24 17:21

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@dwhitena I using #AI to translate "Wash your hands" into more than 500 languages. Here's how I did it along with a link to the translations: Thanks to @facebookai for their work on MUSE, which was key to accomplishing this! #NLProc #coronavirus @SILintl
@dwhitena The list also includes 68 machine translated "guesses" for low resource languages. If anyone is interested in that work they can read more here (and corrections are definitely welcome): #AI
@dwhitena What happens when you try to construct the phrase "wash your hands" in over 500 languages using unsupervised #AI and a bit of text arithmetic? I found out: #coronavirus #NLProc @SILintl
@dwhitena Our list of "wash your hands" translations just passed 400 languages! We've also improved search and added visual indications of machine generated translations. See the full list and contribute: Learn about the related #AI:
@dwhitena When machine translating "wash your hands" into hundreds of languages, I had to rely on unsupervised methods, cross-lingual embeddings and a bit of text arithmetic. In the end this yielded over 500 translations! #AI #NLProc #datascience
@dwhitena So excited about this! Using #NLProc on this project was so fulfilling, and I'm hoping we see many more translations added. Both from humans and machines. Here's a bit more about the #AI behind the machine generated translations:
@dwhitena Listening to @switchfoot "Native Tongue" while trying to translate "wash your hands" into hundreds of languages. Find or contribute a translation in your #nativetongue here: Learn more about some of the #AI tech here:

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