CS472 Data science and AI for COVID-19

Search this site p CS472 Data science and AI for COVID-19 Description This project class investigates and models COVID-19 using tools from data science and machine learning. We will introduce the relevant background for the biology and epidemiology of the COVID-19 virus. Then we will critically examine current models that are used to predict infection rates in the population as well as models used to support various public health interventions (e.g. herd immunity and social distancing). The core

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Date: 2020/03/25 23:21

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@dennybritz This spring, Stanford will offer a “Data science and AI for COVID-19” class: t.co/He6kOZqh56 Pretty amazing how fast this moves :) Hopefully (but most likely) the lectures will be recorded and publicly available online!
@VaroonMathur There is now a Stanford Undergraduate course for ML specifically all about COVID-19. A modified ver. of the ‘AI for Social Good’ courses that are out there. Which means no core discussion on ethics of surveillance, data privacy, or when not to build. t.co/4BjQA7kzUl
@hardmaru Stanford is offering CS472: Data Science and AI for COVID-19 t.co/pxtoD6AONU t.co/DtnJjp12lo
@james_y_zou We're organizing a "Data science and AI for COVID-19" projects class starting at Stanford on 4/10. Tutorials on viral biology, epi and hospital operations will be included. We plan to make a lot of the materials public at t.co/kbKajKdkHR
@docmilanfar Interesting and timely new course "CS472 Data science and AI for COVID-19" at Stanford by @james_y_zou. I do hope the material/lectures are made public so we can all learn. t.co/3cOaPaQHQ8
@Reza_Zadeh CS472 Data science and AI for COVID-19. A new class at Stanford. t.co/RBPbnYLvlC t.co/DiInFzIrr2
@suzatweet CS472 Data science and AI for COVID-19 @Stanford Any chance that the lectures will be publicly available? – Investigate and model COVID-19 using data science and ML – Intro to the biology and epidemiology of the COVID-19 virus h/t @anugrahasinha t.co/ZYpUSFzXyA
@digitalFlaneuse This is the class I want to be taking right now. Data science and AI for COVID-19🦠📊 Prof @james_y_zou has a biomedical stats background Sp important that people with *domain knowledge* are teaching us how to apply AI to COVID-19 t.co/xjDx1p65zi @Stanford
@lucy3_li I found out today that Stanford already has a class this quarter called "CS472 Data science and AI for COVID-19" t.co/tluc77Qgmg

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