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Coloring line art images based on the colors of reference images is an important stage in animation production, which is time-consuming and tedious. In this paper, we propose a deep architecture to automatically color line art videos with the same color style as the given reference images. Our framework consists of a color transform network and a temporal constraint network. The color transform network takes the target line art images as well as the line art and color images of one or more reference images as input, and generates corresponding target color images. To cope with larger differences between the target line art image and reference color images, our architecture utilizes non-local similarity matching to determine the region correspondences between the target image and the reference images, which are used to transform the local color information from the references to the target. To ensure global color style consistency, we further incorporate Adaptive Instance Normalization

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Date: 2020/03/26 06:51

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@jaguring1 おっ、線画ビデオを、与えた参考画像っぽく自動着色するAI技術!クオリティ高そう (a) 入力画像 (b) 参考画像 (g) この手法の生成画像 Deep Line Art Video Colorization with a Few References t.co/ERgJj7Q2zz t.co/xIO5yZjJJP
@ak92501 Deep Line Art Video Colorization with a Few References pdf: t.co/VnhjNVzIyo abs: t.co/GIWd1ar1db t.co/H6VPeTCl2r

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