Generation and Generalization

The theme is Deep Generative Models (DGM) and their applications- generation (by NN ) , data augmentation (for NN) , and generalization (of NN). We would like to focus the talks on cutting-edge insights, our goal is to enable experience-sharing from several intermingled areas and to foster cross-disciplinary work. Topics of interest : GAN/VAE (latest theory, surveys), Transfer Learning, Data manipulation (Augmentation, Enhancement), etc. Schedule : 28th April (Tuesday), 1600-1800 GMT (i.e. 6-

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Date: 2020/04/28 09:51

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@PrabhuPradhan @iclr_conf Calling all 'generators' (+ friends) for our Generative ML & Generalization Social (, 28th April- 4pm GMT🗓️. Speakers incl. @OriolVinyalsML @phillip_isola @kilianq @puneetdokania. Please share! 🧠👩‍🎨👨‍💻 Post questions here
@puneetdokania I find myself very fortunate to talk at this ICLR socials along with *great* people I learned a lot from through their research articles. Looking forward to it @OriolVinyalsML @hugo_larochelle @phillip_isola @kilianq and Emily Denton
@jmin__cho Excited to attend my first virtual ICLR event via Zoom 😃

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