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Even though neural networks enjoy widespread use, they still struggle to learn the basic laws of physics. How might we endow them with better inductive biases? In this paper, we draw inspiration from Hamiltonian mechanics to train models that learn and respect exact conservation laws in an unsupervised manner. We evaluate our models on problems where conservation of energy is important, including the two-body problem and pixel observations of a pendulum. Our model trains faster and generalizes better than a regular neural network. An interesting side effect is that our model is perfectly reversible in time.

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Date: 2020/05/11 11:21

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@jinbeizame007 今日は、解析力学を少し勉強したからHamiltonian Neural Networksの論文に挑戦してみてるんだけど、思ってたよりずっと分かりやすくて理解できる! Hamiltonian NNを考えた人天才すぎませんか? t.co/jXr8QJxKzM

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